The First Step

This is exciting! I just typed the first sentence of my blog, and I’m about halfway through the second one already. I imagined starting a blog to be harder than that, but I guess it’s not. Actually, now that I’m on my fourth sentence, it’s getting a bit tougher. I’m sure you don’t want to read a blog that just rambles on and on about each sentence getting progressively harder though, so let’s move on.

The purpose of this blog is to help all of us. It will contain posts intended to open up your mind. It will challenge norms. Not only will we think outside of the box, but we will destroy the box. The range of topics is vast, as anyone with a brain knows, we think a lot, and about everything. The focus may change as the blog develops, and as I develop. I want to gather like-minded people for great discussions so that we may all live more consciously, have a better life, and create a better world.

Topics I imagine writing about are personal development, investing, spirituality, gardening, some politics, fitness, income generation, yoga, relationships, early retirement, life purpose, economics, and the list goes on and on with each category having even more sub categories. This blog will have far reaching limbs into all aspects of life. No stone will go unturned, no topic will go unthought. Put forth your brain!