Journal Update #9: July 2013

It’s that time of month again. Here is my financial snapshot as of July 31st, 2013:

Current Savings: $24,067.75

Current Savings Rate: 44.93%


Journal June 2013


Category This Month Average
Rent 660.00 660.00
Utilities 0.00 29.22
Internet 0.00 0.00
Household Items 37.31 276.43
Groceries 374.68 404.74
Eating Out 69.99 123.94
Recreational 434.08 502.88
Transportation 169.75 276.42
Entertainment 0.00 33.66
Animal Friends 69.68 48.45
Cell Phone 11.30 21.47
Gifts 10.00 115.82
Other 6.34 78.04
Expenses 1,843.13 1,966.71
Freelancing 1,250.00 527.22
Other 400.00 420.17
Income 1,650.00 3,571.22
Savings -193.13 1,604.52
% Spent 111.7% 63.78%
% Saved -11.7% 36.22%


Total Income $53,568.37
Total Savings $24,067.75
Total % Spent 55.07%
Total % Saved 44.93%


There isn’t much to say about my expenses this month. Expenses are starting to lower and hopefully hit a baseline (such as household items, food [thanks to a new store, “Fiddes Wholesale Produce”], eating out). Despite the negative savings rate, my expenses this month are actually lower than they have ever been since I have lived on my own (6 months), and given that I am also paying many of my girlfriends expenses (rent, food, recreational), that is great. I am going to continue reducing these numbers. Next up…increasing income! I bring in ~$2500/mo and this month was an exception, sadly, else my savings rate would have been positive. My contract work with PBXww has stipulations for raises as we get more users, so I am putting a lot of focus on that while trying to come up with side ventures (though I do devote a lot of time to activities that don’t directly generate money, as I know the indirect effects of personal development can be very powerful). This could blossom into a job paying over $100k if we get the users, so I currently deem it worth a try.

This month has brought about some mystery for my future. The coming months should be interesting, and I may be moving to live on Wishing Well Sanctuary or staying in my current apartment to finish my last 8 months of studies. This would be an incredible life change. And I’d likely drop out of university to do it. But hey, what’s that piece of paper worth anyways? I just want to be financially independent, and I feel spending another $8,000 and 8 months of time to finish scool will take me further away from that goal. After reading all these anti-mainstream education stuff, I have some regrets about going. If I had spent the last 3 years working full time I would be much closer to financial independence!

On July 20th I took a visit to the Wishing Well and they are looking for a live-in caretaker. Who better for the position than my lovely girlfriend? Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, we got our foot in the door. Becca loves the idea. She sent in her resume, and we are still waiting to hear back, but the chances of us going are pretty high if they want to take her on. I can see my life taking a huge turn for the better at this place. Rent is only $200, we get an entire cabin to ourselves, we would grow a lot of our food, and we would breathe much fresher air with every breath. I would learn the skills I need to know if I intend to buy my own land one day and begin a permaculture food forest and animal sanctuary with my girlfriend.

I have also delved into my meditative practices more. I have been meditating more regularly (once a day, but sometimes I do miss a day) and have been trying a few techniques I heard about. My goal, would be to eventually have an experience which confirms to me that we are a soul with a body. Meditation, thus far, has not done this for me, but I do feel a different sensation during and after meditation. Being alive just feels different. I’m going to continue to explore this, as there is overwhelming support for meditation when you are trying to progress spiritually.

And…to end on something awesome: this month Becca and I proudly celebrated our 7 year anniversary! I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without her. She’s amazing.