Journal Update #8: June 2013

Here is my financial snapshot as of June 30th, 2013:

Current Savings: $24,319.23

Current Savings Rate: 49.62%


Journal June 2013


Category This Month Average
Rent 660.00 660.60
Utilities 172.17 32.46
Internet 0.00 0.00
Household Items 276.14 303.00
Groceries 458.66 408.07
Eating Out 97.77 129.93
Recreational 424.03 510.52
Transportation 76.00 288.27
Entertainment 200.00 37.40
Animal Friends 39.29 46.09
Cell Phone 11.30 22.60
Gifts 322.05 127.58
Other 230.62 86.01
Expenses 2,968.02 1,975.54
Evertz 1,499.00 2,703.76
Freelancing 1,250.00 476.44
Other 717.78 528.25
Income 3,466.78 3,708.46
Savings 498.75 1,732.92
% Spent 85.61% 60.35%
% Saved 14.39% 39.65%


Total Income $51,918.37
Total Savings $24,260.88
Total % Spent 53.27%
Total % Saved 46.73%


I managed to bring my savings rate back to positive 🙂 The coming months will see it rise. I’m glad to see it jumping back, and I shouldn’t hit a negative savings rate again. I certainly am getting anxious about my plan and the timeline I created, but I know that simply by following my path I will eventually be financially independent and besides, I might be able to live off much less than anticipated if I buy a piece of land and farm for sustenance.

This month I took my G road test, and passed on the first try. Refreshing after failing 3 times for my G2. I was hoping I would pass because I like the thought of buying a used mobile home for cash and touring around…and now it is possible..doors have been opened. I borrowed a car from my girlfriend’s dad for the test, and took advantage of it to make a grocery run to a Food Basics far from my house (the grocery stores nearby are expensive high class ones, a shame). This store is so much cheaper than the ones I shop at (raspberries $1 for a pack instead of 3/$5 as their best sale) my grocery bill would be much lower if I could shop here more often. I’m going to try making a point of shopping at stores like this and the farmers market to save money.

I have been enjoying my new work much more than the internship I quit. If you’re interested, I am the as3 coder behind PBXww (my boss works on the php end). I’m currently pretty much redeveloping it from the ground up using starling and feathers frameworks so that we can get good performance on mobile applications. I exported our current version as a test, and it was horridly slow.

Don’t be shocked by my utilities expenses, it is mostly security deposits that I will get back in the future, and account setup. My electric usage was billed at $27. I’m pretty proud of that. Though, my boss gave me a computer (company loan while we work together) with a 500 watt power supply that I have on a lot (working from home) and I expect costs to go up. Sadly, I also bought an air conditioner. My apartment gets really hot during the evening, I’ll admit. But I was indeed hoping to tough it out. My boss put some pretty expensive hardware in the computer (fancy ssd and all that) and insisted. My girlfriend insisted. And I knew it would be more ‘comfortable’ even if in a bad for the environment and my capability at handling heat way. I dumped $150 on an $8000 BTU energy efficient model. My office is now more comfortable.

My girlfriend is now bringing in a bit of money with a part time job and managed to contribute $500 towards bills which helped the savings rate 🙂 In September, she will be needed full time at her current job which will be good for income. Happiness is most important though.