Journal Update #6: April 2013

Here is my financial snapshot as of April 30th, 2013:

Current Savings: $25,995.49

Current Savings Rate: 53.82%


Journal April 2013


Category This Month Average
Rent 354.68 307.81
Utilities 0.00 17.14
Internet 0.00 0.00
Household Items 1,268.16 316.11
Groceries 415.10 33.21
Eating Out 224.14 137.11
Recreational 521.24 535.48
Transportation 213.04 225.41
Entertainment 0.00 14.68
Animal Friends 52.81 34.59
Cell Phone 11.30 25.83
Gifts 125.31 92.81
Other 2.50 77.64
Expenses 3,189.28 1,760.18
Evertz 2,883.87 2,810.40
Freelancing 0/00 236.08
Other 87.75 556.47
Income 2,971.62 3,811.21
Savings -217.66 2,051.04
% Spent 107.32% 53.87%
% Saved -7.32% 46.13%


Total Income $45,734.56
Total Savings $25,995.49
Total % Spent 46.18%
Total % Saved 53.82%


Highest expenses ever in one month 🙂

But now I live in my own apartment, with my girlfriend and life is good 🙂

The next few months will see better savings rates than ever, I think. As we find our groove, I think we can get spending under $1500 per month 🙂

I managed to keep my food expenses lower this month, so I’m happy about that. For the last bit of April we have started cooking more meals at home and I expect this to keep happening through May and for the rest of our lives 🙂

We had many expenses (furniture, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, food stocks) and it added up quick. I’m hoping in May we see a much lower spending level simply due to not needing a bunch of new things (though I may buy another bike in May!). We even took the cheap route by building our own furniture out of wood mostly recovered from pallets found near dumpsters. Perhaps a blog post on this is in order (I gotta show you guys what we built!!).

We’ve been living in our own apartment since April 18th and it has been great so far! I am really enjoying the independence, and the location of the apartment can’t be beat (I have a view of a ravine/forest outside of my windows, certainly one of the only apartments in my city with such a view!). The rent is $660 and an apartment right beside me rents for $8xx and they don’t even have laundry in the building (ours is 2 doors down). I’m really happy about the deal we snagged!

I haven’t finished April’s blog post yet because of all the craziness (I know..excuses)…I am a wimp and you can all stop reading my blog if you want – I’d understand. For those of you who stay, I’ll make it up to you.

Big news this April includes a new job offer from a company I have been working with as a freelancer for about a year. I’m likely going to take it [and quit my job at Evertz] as it pays more, allows me to telecommute, and would have me working less hours. Looks like I may be kicked out of the co-op program at my university for a move like this but that doesn’t bug me. I wasn’t planning to use the program for another co-op and, if given the opportunity, I would sell my co-op designation diploma for a non co-op diploma for a few thousand dollars. That’s essentially what I’m doing with the added benefit of living a much higher quality of life during the period, with more available time. And I get to pick my own job title. Suggestions?