Journal Update #4: February 2013

I’m currently out of Canada! Another new years goal complete! I am writing this journal update from the lobby of a Chicago hotel. I am here for the wedding of my girlfriend’s cousin. Not a very exciting way to leave Canada, but I will make the most of it πŸ™‚

Here is my financial snapshot as of February 28th, 2013:

Current Savings: $19,351.28

Current Savings Rate: 55.18%

Journal February 2013


Category This Month Average
Transportation 220.02 242.49
Food 414.22 219.60
Housing 510.00 211.13
Recreational 695.50 394.75
Entertainment 39.13 58.33
Rodney 0.00 22.30
Cell Phone 11.30 22.60
Gifts 112.11 82.10
Other 122.15 175.81
Expenses 2,124.43 1,429.12
Evertz 3,023.57 2,553.12
Freelancing 316.12 227.05
Other 35.00 180.96
Income 3,374.69 3,188.32
Savings 1,250.26 1,759.21
% Spent 62.95% 51.21%
% Saved 37.05% 48.79%


Total Income $35,071.55
Total Savings $19,351.28
Total % Spent 44.82%
Total % Saved 55.18%


Let’s start with something positive: I managed to accomplish my mini-goals this month!

I also began growing some wheatgrass again, so I’ll be having some wheatgrass juice in about 5 more days πŸ™‚

I am now on Twitter, and if you’re one of my few readers checking out this post, you should FOLLOW ME! My twitter username is LifeWithABrain. I’d love you for it.

I am reading A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and I recommend it. It has been a wonderful read so far! Now that I think about it, a tab at the top with my recommendations would probably be useful to readers! I know I always check out these lists on other blogs. I’ll put this on my checklist and get around to it one day but it is not much of a priority!

I paid $100 to Plan B Organic Farms to join the Community shared agriculture (CSA) group. This will get me a box of local organic produce every other week for the next two months (4 boxes, $25 per box). I got two boxes this month (Feb 13 and Feb 27) and they were terrific. Here are pictures of the spoils:
2013-02-13 18.54.18

I also bought an 11 litre glass water bottle. Filling this with distilled water costs me $1.87 (17 cents per litre), and I must say it is much more stylish. I paid $1.59 at the grocery store for 4 liter plastic bottles, and had 2-4 of these per week in the recycling. This will be better for the environment, and I have no more health concerns about BPA or DEHA leaking into my water! Yippy!

And…I moved out of my place today! Disagreements with the landlord made this quite sudden and now I live with my girlfriend. So there will be NO $510 payment for rent in March, so that will be very nice πŸ™‚

Apologies for the rushed update, I’m sure you can notice it, but I am being beckoned to go swimming in the hotel pool. Until next time! πŸ™‚