Journal Update #15: January 2014

Here are my financial details as of January 31st, 2014:

Current Savings: $27,341.27

Current Savings Rate: 39.22%


Journal January 2014

Journal Chart January 2014

I don’t have much on my mind this month. I’m not sure if it is my current state-of-mind, or if this month did not hold too much new stuff. It feels mostly like a bridge between December and February. Saved nearly $900 so that is another step closer to financial independence.

Some things that happened this month..:

My laptop fan broke. I was cleaning it with some tweezers (pulling out chunks of dust) and compressed air. I think I used too much air and possibly made the fan spin the wrong way. Now it doesn’t work and won’t boot up (first gave me a warning that I can, but probably shouldn’t use it but now I’ve tried to get onto it to access some files and it won’t boot). So I found what appears to be a matching fan on eBay (lots of them had the same model number but different shapes) for $13. The fan wasn’t officially marked for this laptop but it is the same model number and from what I can see the casing and screw locations look identical.

I tried to take apart the laptop but it required some tools (and thermal grease) that I didn’t have. Since I was short on time and needed the working computer – I went on a bike ride and *GASP* looked for a local small-time computer repair shop for someone whom I could have a real conversation and negotiation with. If I was going to pay for this to be fixed, it sure as hell wouldn’t be some generic $70 repair fee at computer chain store like Canada Computers. I already had the fan, and the laptop partly taken apart and only really needed an ‘on-the-spot’ swap and didn’t want to leave them my laptop for 2 days. I found a nice character who helped me fix my computer for free. I ALMOST gave him some money anyway, but I wanted to keep this exchange on a social level rather than market level. I owe him one now – and I’ll bring my computer there for future issues and recommend friends. I’ll repay him if I can, and hopefully he will be better off in the long-run having not taken money from me. That is my goal at least 🙂

The expense in ‘Entertainment’ is to go see a movie in the theatre. I very rarely do this but did it, somewhat at the request of my girlfriend, in the hopes of having a good night out. Now, I did enjoy the time, but I would have enjoyed something that cost $0 as well. This is an activity I don’t particular want to do often, if ever. I feel I get the same pleasure out of the movie at a theatre as I do watching a movie at home for free. I also tend to watch a movie [Been really enjoying ‘Cosmos’ by Carl Sagan, have not tried the new one with Neil Degrasse] or tv episode [Game of Thrones and Naruto Shippuuden are enjoyable] at home as a default to ‘unwind’ at day’s end (I have been trying to transition away from this with reading/another’s a habit that I will benefit from breaking imo) so I already consume more of this entertainment than I’d like.

Lastly: Whoa. That Recreational spending is through the roof and needs to be handled. Doesn’t help that I have to fully pay for two people. Though, a large portion was spent at the end of the month and should carry through for February. This should also be half on average with no effort from me once my girlfriend is earning money. I am not comfortable with this though. I need to make a change.