Journal Update #12: October 2013

Every month I write an update on my financials, and some reflection on the past month. Here is my update for October, and my financial stats as of October 30th, 2013:

Current Savings: $24,502.75

Current Savings Rate: 39.27%


Journal October 2013

Journal Chart October 2013

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I haven’t been being very productive at all. I have many things I’d like to do with this blog (lots of post ideas, complete redesign, even some flash apps I’d like to create for readers) and in other areas of my life but I haven’t really been doing too much. I haven’t been practicing meditation or yoga lately either. I haven’t been reading. I need to get out of this funk and spend more time expressing myself and getting myself in a place to be ready for any opportunities. I mean, I have goals like travelling, blogging, buying some land, and start a permaculture food forest, build my home, etc. but I am not exactly in a place to do those things right now. Besides blogging (which I’ve been failing at pretty hard…even before this funk! But I really want to write some of my ideas!), none of those are things I am exactly prepared for.

I feel bored and unmotivated, but that needs to change. Every day I need to continually work on things that interest me and try new things all the time. I can run with the good ones and drop the bad and build quite a satisfying life. My girlfriend and I have been in this funk together, and we’re going to try motivating each other more to do the things we keep saying we want to do, but never actually doing. We’re going to put real effort into this going forward. It should help both of us feel more satisfied with life. And during all of this I will try to get myself into a position (save money, increase knowledge, finish degree) to begin more exciting ventures than my apartment dwelling like vagabonding and homesteading. I have more than enough to keep me busy 🙂

My life feels like it is a bit in shambles right now, but that is just the funk. Everything is actually fine. I just need to change my perspective.