Journal Update #11: September 2013

Every month I write an update on my financials, and some reflection on the past month. It is the middle of October, I think its about time for my September update, don’t you? Here is my financial snapshot as of September 30th, 2013:

Current Savings: $24,914.16

Current Savings Rate: 40.02%


Journal September 2013

Category This Month Average
Rent 660.00 660.00
Utilities 0.00 40.61
Household Items 27.75 221.60
Groceries 623.03 405.34
Eating Out 88.98 112.71
Recreational 285.00 447.98
Transportation 913.09 291.40
Entertainment 0.00 25.90
Animal Friends 12.42 59.98
Cell Phone 11.30 18.25
Gifts 0.00 106.21
Other 55.10 78.23
Expenses 2,676.67 2,011.83
Freelancing 1,749.00 2,300.00
Other 788.00 467.30
Income 2,537.80 3,353.89
Savings -138.87 1,342.06
% Spent 105.47% 74.22%
% Saved -5.47% 25.78%


Total Income $60,370.02
Total Savings $24,914.16
Total % Spent 59.98%
Total % Saved 40.02


Sorry for being so late with this post! My life has been disorganized and a little hectic. I am trying to handle things, and calm my life down a bit. I have been spending most of my time working and doing school work…and ehr, being distracted by relationship issues. And supporting two people while going to school is hard, in many ways, including financially as you can see by the negative savings rate! The end result is I have been spending very little time doing things I actually want to do…and that is a recipe for disaster. I have many things I want to write on this blog, and some flash programs I’d like to create and release on this blog, such as a financial independence calculator.

I started school at the beginning of this month! It is an interesting experience being back in school. I feel like I have developed a lot since my last time here, and everything seems different. I am approaching school with a different attitude. And also I feel a bit more disconnected from my friends, but we can still get along. Since starting school though, I have gone through 2 rounds of dropping courses. I have decided to pursue other opportunities, and work on PBXww (we are approaching rewarding times I think) while making school a minimal part of my life. Right now, it is taking far too much time than I am willing to give it, and I’m suffering for it.

I caved in and bought a pass for Bikram Yoga. Came to $325. I will aim to do it twice a week and receive great health benefits. I have already done it a few times and have really enjoyed the way it has been making me feel. I feel urges to stretch in ways I never did before. And it has definitely improved my biking and gave me some more mental strength.

I have been trying to reduce my environmental impact and have been trying to avoid using paper towels [I’m out of them now and I REALLY don’t want to buy more either!], and I am even considering a reusable cloth instead of toilet paper – it is a little gross sounding still, but logically it is great for the environment and my wallet. I have been making more of an effort to turn off my pc when not in use, ride my bike more instead of getting rides or even bussing, etc. Little things – but I am thinking about my impact more and more and making changes. I have also been eating very healthy, alot of raw fruit and veggies smoothies (breakfast every morning) with many things added in like chia seeds, udo’s DHA oil, flax, hemp, etc. My cooked meals are almost entirely formed from whole foods and I eat very little processed food. I feel really good these days, and I have little urge to eat unhealthy things. I don’t want to eat harmful things just to tickle my tongue. I can tickle my tongue with healthy, healing foods and get great health benefits to boot.

In relationship girlfriend may be moving out. It is tough with such a small space when we are both home a lot (I work from home and she doesn’t work). We have not been getting along as well as we used to, and have decided that this would be the best way to rekindle what once was. If not, I suppose we drift apart..which is a sad thought, but I must embrace any future and can’t have my happiness depend on external things out of my control.