Journal Update #10: August 2013

Every month I write an update on my financials, and some reflection on the past month. Here is my financial snapshot as of August 31st, 2013:

Current Savings: $25,643.51

Current Savings Rate: 43.96%


Journal August 2013

Category This Month Average
Rent 660.00 660.00
Utilities 97.29 32.46
Household Items 88.75 237.76
Groceries 473.78 376.74
Eating Out 115.86 112.94
Recreational 300.00 444.06
Transportation 90.00 237.85
Entertainment 0.00 28.05
Animal Friends 282.81 63.94
Cell Phone 11.30 18.83
Gifts 222.50 115.06
Other 192.25 81.06
Expenses 2,534.24 1,923.23
Freelancing 3,160.00 2,500.00
Other 200.00 222.34
Income 3,520.00 3,431.67
Savings 985.76 1,508.44
% Spent 72.00% 63.61%
% Saved 28.00% 36.39%


Total Income $58,338.37
Total Savings $25,643.51
Total % Spent 56.04%
Total % Saved 43.96%


This month I managed to save nearly $1000, to put towards my financial independence. Slowly but surely.

I spent a lot of time this month working, as PBXww was being demoed in vegas, and we wanted to have a good amount to show. This, in many ways, was distracting and cemented in me that I do not want to work for a big portion of my life. Right now I see this as a means to an end. I feel like working takes time away from what I truly want to do with my life, something more meaningful.

Looks like I will be attending university in the coming days to complete my final year, and my girlfriend will be staying in Hamilton with me (she was not given the opportunity to live on the farm, though it was really close to happening they decided they wanted someone else to live there). Sadly, she still isn’t working and so isn’t able to contribute any money. She is trying to get a job to begin contributing. Soon I hope this will change, and my expenses will drop when she begins to cover her own (I currently pay for the rent, food, entertainment, recreational, utilities, etc). I hope this happens soon as it is causing some tension/resentment in our relationship!

I went to an all you can eat sushi bar (first time having sushi as a vegan, have not had it in years! It was good, but hard to enjoy compared to a home cooked meal). My groceries budget hit quite high this month but I haven’t been eating healthier than this in my life. Almost all of my meals are made of entirely real food (soups, salads, smoothies) and lots of raw fruits and veggies.

I am exploring who I am, and what I am alive for a bit more. Last night I watched Zen, by Alan Watts and I really enjoyed it. It taught me to make sure I spend time simply being, and not thinking. I spend too much time in thought, and I think it is detracting from my enjoyment of life. So today, I went by a pond, sat on a tree, and did some reflecting while reading Walden. This was very enjoyable, and I was able to keep my head in a good space using the techniques introduced to me in the Alan Watts film.

I have been thinking about dropping $288 on a Bikram Yoga 8 month unlimited pass [special student deal] and committing to their 6 am class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I think this could really help me with my meditative and spiritual journey, and get me doing some great physical therapy. I need to do something more physical, and this could be a great way to work more into my day-to-day life! I just went to a class today…and it is tough, but rewarding. It feels like something I should do!