I want to change your world

David Cain is inspiring. If you just stumbled upon this blog and are currently considering giving it a try, please take my advice and read David Cain’s blog over at Raptitude.com instead. It’s better than mine. Maybe, in a year or three when I have had more time to develop my ideas and improve my skills, you could come back here and see what I am doing.

In fact, after a couple of months of not writing, I read some of his posts and found the inspiration to write my own. Specifically, in case you were wondering, those posts were:

Keep your doing and your deciding away from each other
An unlikely-sounding trick for shortening everyday bad moods
The missing ingredient to happiness

But those are by no means my favourite or his best posts ever. Those are just the posts I read before beginning to write (well, in full disclosure: I went to the washroom afterwards, thought about how awesome David is at writing and articulating things very similar to what I’ve been feeling in my life, and then wanted to write my own stuff as well – then I practiced not thinking until I got back to the laptop).

Someone commented this on one of his blog posts:

“I think you just changed my life. So obvious but never thought about it in this way. Thank you!”

That is outstanding. I’ve always felt reading is an incredibly powerful thing that can open your mind to entirely new ideas that may have never crossed your mind, or intellectualize something I’ve been feeling but never put into words. There are so many blogs [and other information sources] that I’ve felt the same way about. I remember feeling the need to tell everyone about Early Retirement Extreme when I first discovered it (naively thinking it would change their lives too!).

I get so excited when I read, sometimes it is hard to stay calm enough to continue reading!

I want to do this for people too.