Daily Happiness

I can say with a good amount of certainty that you are looking for happiness.

But are you looking in the right place? I have a feeling that many are not.

I am personally guilty of thinking ‘If only X happened’ I could enjoy my life and be happy, creating new worlds in my thoughts and not enjoying the world that is present around me. X could be anything: Someone loving you, being financially independent, winning the lottery, getting a fancy job. This is the wrong place to look for happiness. I think many people, myself included, have the wrong idea of what happiness is. You might have experienced things in the past that made you feel good like when you finally got your diploma or degree. And the feelings you got from these things are what you associated with happiness. But that isn’t what happiness is! That type of happiness is comparable to lust, where real happiness is comparable to love. Lust doesn’t last just like false happiness. Love is unconditional. Just like real happiness.

People are chasing big wins hoping for happiness. We chase these big wins thinking we will be happy when they happen, but do not consider the reality that we will adapt to the new external circumstances and return to our ‘default happiness’. These big wins happen far and few between and you generally consider yourself ‘unhappy’ until the day you acquire the big win and you are finally happy! For a week. And then it’s back to normal. And then you chase more big wins.

A better method is to chase the small wins. Design a life that has many trigger points of happiness every day. You can still chase small wins externally: make your bedroom your creative outlet so that when you wake up in the morning your room will make you happy, have a breakfast ritual that makes you smile. I have a delicious and nutritious smoothie every morning. This could likely result in a simpler and happier life for you. The problem with external goals though is they are out of your control. You have a house fire, lose your room, and now what? You’re unhappy. My blender breaks and I can’t have my smoothie? I might be unhappy. The best results from small wins, and big wins for that matter, can be seen when you internalize your goals to things that are fully in your control. Don’t design your room a specific way but instead find the appreciation inside of you for the beauty of the world as it is. Embrace the new possibilities when the blender breaks.

Searching for happiness outwards results in goals out of your control. I think the secret to Daily Happiness is to find your way of being happy every day, without the need for certain external things to happen. If you are alive, something is happening. Find happiness in that. It’s beautiful. Don’t restrict your happiness to only a small subset of the limitless possibilities life offers. Nothing specific should need to happen for you to be happy. Your thoughts are the wall blocking the happiness you have from shining through. You have the full ability in you to feel happiness right now. Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe slowly, and stop thinking. Show your happiness right now.

Perhaps enlightenment is the only goal worthy of chasing? It is fully internalized and is a state of true contentment regardless of any external circumstances. Sounds pretty nice. Where do I sign up?