2013, Embrace the New Year!

Wow, am I ever excited for this new year! This year holds lots to look forward to, and I plan to challenge myself and set some tough goals for the new year. This will be the first full year of my independent life, so I’m grabbing life by the balls right now, and taking control.

So, without further ado, here are my officially stated 2013 goals:

  • Achieve a 70% average savings rate through reducing expenses (aiming for lower than $1200/mo) and increasing income (would like greater than $3500/mo).
  • Bring in at least $5,000 from freelancing, and $2,500 investment income.
  • Bring in a solid $100 from this blog, somehow.
  • Create a stream of passive income of at least $1 per day by November 2013 that sustains at least until January 2014.
  • Improve flexibility so that the following positions are comfortable for me:
  • Learn 3 new skills:
    • Repair a flat tire on a bicycle
    • Build a fire from nothing but things found in woods, or with a swiss army knife.
    • Identify 3 wild edible plants in my area, and eat them.
  • Read at least one book on these topics:
    • Permaculture & Forest Gardening
    • Meditation
    • Nutrition [generally want to learn about what nutrients and vitamins are in different foods, and what amounts are required for a balanced diet]
    • Vagabonding & Long term travel
  • Travel out of Canada
  • Blog at least once a month [excluding journal]

The year 2012 is now over, and as we move into the new year, take a moment by yourself to meditate and think about where you are heading. Use the new year as a chance to take action and do things you’ve been delaying, drop things making you unhappy, and do more of what makes you happy! Don’t let 2013 come and go while letting yourself slack. Put more energy into your life! Push yourself to become better!

I’d love to hear the goals of any readers! Perhaps we can even challenge each other – competition can be really fun and engaging.

Enjoy the new year!